JaMur Zoysia – The ‘Go To’ Grass for Texas

JaMur Zoysia, close up, grass, perfect grass for Texas

If you could pick only one turfgrass for every home lawn and commercial landscape need, JaMur Zoysia is the one. JaMur Zoysia is also an excellent choice for many sports field applications.

JaMur’s medium to coarse textured was developed for use in high traffic, high visibility applications. Similar in appearance to a dwarf variety of St. Augustine, JaMur can be used in the same areas and integrates well with existing grass.

Characteristics of JaMur Zoysia
• Use: Residential, Commercial and Industrial
• Hot Weather Tolerance: Good
• Shade Tolerance: Good – Requires at least 3 hours of filtered sun per day
• Wear Resistance: Excellent
• Salt Tolerance: Good
• Recovery From Injury: Excellent
• Winter Color: Dormant
• Mowing Height: 2” Medium
• Disease, Weed & Insect Resistance: A well-maintained lawn will provide the best weed control
but JaMur responds exceptionally well to Iron if problems do arise

General Care
• Soil and Fertilizer Needs: Recommended annual fertilization rate is 1-2 lbs. of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. Use split applications with 1 lb of Nitrogen in the spring to encourage new growth and 1 lb of Nitrogen in mid-to-late summer to promote healthy growth into the fall and winter

• Watering: Apply 1” of water as a deep soaking every 4-7 days during hot or dry periods. Avoid frequent, shallow watering after sod is established.

• Mowing: Needs to be mowed every 5 to 7 days during the growing season at a mowing height of 2-3” for a high quality lawn, mow too low and weeds are likely to gain a foothold.

• Fungicides: Tolerant to Iron applications, Chipco 26019, Banner, Prostar, Lynx and Eagle. Fall applications of Banner, Daconil or Bayleton to prevent rust to zoysia lawns.

We grow, deliver and install JaMur Zoysia to many locations and applications. To learn more about this ‘excellent for Texas grass’ or to get a quote, give us a call at 888-221-0422.

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