Turf grass, top soil, sand and mulch, Tri-Tex Grass is now providing more materials to help you create the perfect landscape. Visit our Pilot Point location to pick up your order, or give us a call to see if delivery is available to you.


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Spring brings dreams of lush green turf and tidy flower beds. Whether you are building a new landscape or outdoor housekeeping is your goal, Spring is the perfect time to put your plans into effect.

March, April and May are ideal for installing new turf grass and seeing immediate results. The sod is no longer dormant, but green and ready to start establishing roots. You’ll have a lush lawn in no time. Tri-Tex offers many grass varieties suited to the Texas climate. Give us a call so we can help you choose the best option for your needs.

If you already have an established lawn, but it needs a little TLC, adding a thin layer of topsoil on top of your existing turf can solve some common lawn issues. Over time, the topsoil will filter down to your existing soil, improving soil health and promoting turf growth. Topsoil can also be used to smooth out areas where the soil may have settled and help reduce thatch buildup.

Fresh mulch is a great way to tidy up your yard, provide weed control and reduce water usage in your flower beds. A new layer of mulch has great visual appeal providing a finished look to your garden and helps highlight your plants.

Anxious to get outside and get your yard in shape? Don’t spend time running all over for materials. Give us a call today!