TifTuf Bermuda


  • Pallet contains 16″x24″ pieces
  • One pallet covers 450 sq.ft.
  • Square footage calculator rounds up to the nearest pallet
  • Enter length & width below for suggested number of pallets
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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 450
Total Price $297.00
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The newest hybrid Bermuda, TifTuf has proven to be an all-star. It has superior drought tolerance using up to 38% less water than Tifway 419. Mature trees in your yard are not a problem either. The beautiful dark green color lasts longer into the fall and greens up sooner in the spring. Like all Bermudas, it has fantastic wear resistance and damage recovery making it great for homes with kids and pets.

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Pallet in 16"x24" Pieces


Drought Tolerance


Seasonal Color Retention

Wear Resistance

Shade Tolerance


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