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NorthBridge® Bermudagrass Sod

Best Foot Forward: Extreme Traffic Recovery Both strength and good looks are essential for turf grass used in commercial spaces. Prolonged abuse from sporting events or frequent foot traffic can quickly, and potentially permanently, damage your average turf. Put your best foot forward and start your project off right with Northbridge® Bermudagrass from your Texas grass source, Tri-Tex Grass. NorthBridge® Bermudagrass is a recent turf grass variety release from Oklahoma State University’s renowned breeding program. National Turfgrass Evaluation Program

Get It All In Just One Haul

Turf grass, top soil, sand and mulch, Tri-Tex Grass is now providing more materials to help you create the perfect landscape. Visit our Pilot Point location to pick up your order, or give us a call to see if delivery is available to you. 888-221-0422 1112 US Hwy 377 Pilot Point, TX 76258 Email: info@tritexgrass.com Spring brings dreams of lush green turf and tidy flower beds. Whether you are building a new landscape or outdoor

The Grass is Always Greener: Turfgrass Installation at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Home of the Texas Rangers

Tradition The smell of fresh-cut grass and mown, checkerboard- and stripe-patterns in the field are a natural part of baseball. The Rangers have played on real grass in Texas for going on 47 years, since they moved from D.C. to Arlington in 1972. Tri-Tex Grass, who’s headquarters is in Granbury, had the honor of installing the playing field for 2019, the final season of play at Globe Life Park in Arlington. The grass of choice was TifTuf™ Bermuda. “One of the

Are you ready? Pre-emergent for warm season weeds

It could easily be a bad science fiction movie. Long tentacles spring forth crawling slowly across the ground seeking to conquer the landscape. The town’s residents forced to defend themselves with spades and hoes. This monster has a name. Otherwise known as crabgrass. Throw in barbed, curse-inducing grass burs and your beautiful lawn becomes the thing of nightmares. Can it be stopped before taking over the world, or at least your yard? There are steps you can take to defeat these

Residential Turf Grass Leader

The Professionals’ Choice Can Now Be Yours. Buy Direct from Tri-Tex Grass. It’s simple. Order online and we’ll deliver your new turf right to your door. Need it installed? We can do that too. Just call us for a quote at 866-573-6676. As Dallas Fort Worth’s turf grass leader, we’ve supplied grass to professional landscapers and notable clients since 2004 and you can have the same quality turf grass for your home. Whether your looking to sod your front yard or

Tifway 419 Bermuda: An Established Winner

With a nearly 60-year history behind it, Tifway 419 Bermuda is a turf grass you can depend on. It provides a beautiful, deep grayish green carpet made of fine leaf blades, but it’s more than a pretty face. Tifway 419 is as tough as it is beautiful. As the most popular hybrid Bermuda turf in the South for golf and sports field use, it’s proven it can take a beating and recover rapidly from the abuse. When it’s been fully established,

TifTuf™ Bermuda – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

When this grass first became available for sale in 2015, we had a difficult time believing that it would to live up to all the hype. Maybe in Georgia where it was initially developed and tested, but here in the DFW area with asphalt-melting summer sun coupled with city-imposed water restrictions during some drought years, it was going to have to be tough as nails to fulfill all the promises that had been made. What were those promises? Significant drought-tolerance and

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