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At Tri-Tex Grass our desire is to provide extraordinary service and outstanding dependability to our customers. We are committed to the turfgrass business and will do what is necessary to stay on the leading edge of our industry. Whether you need a block of sod or a truckload, we will strive to earn your business.
Texas Turf Grass, Sod and Sports Turf
Tri-Tex Grass offers the finest grass sod and turfgrass. We work with nearly every variety of grass ensuring that we will find the best fit for your home. Choosing the right grass requires a balance between aesthetic preference and soil type. We use our years of experience in the field to educate customers on their options for a healthy, easy to maintain lawn. In addition to homeowner services, Tri-Tex Grass provides grass for golf courses and professional grade turf for sporting venues. Our Texas sports turf products are engineered for maximum durability and performance.
Texas Landscape Maintenance
Not only do we provide beautiful green grass, we also maintain it. Committed to offering a full-range of lawn services, we employ a team of highly-qualified Texas landscapers. Our coverage area extends across all of Texas, including Austin, Houston and Dallas landscaping services. Whether you need a block of sod or a truckload, we will provide a solution quickly and affordably.


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